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The mortgage industry is a prime target for cyber criminals. Commercial real estate involves transmitting sensitive corporate documents, financial records, and corporate secrets between commercial mortgage processors.

On the other hand, the residential mortgage process involves transferring vast sums of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is regulated by data privacy laws, between various stakeholders. Both sides of the industry are targeted by cyber criminals because of the valuable data they manage.

This includes information on the residential mortgage application itself, as well as documents and Non-Public Information (NPI) shared with 3rd party organizations as part of the approval process. These 3rd party firms include real estate agents, mortgage lenders, underwriters, the title company, and more.

The QD5 unified cybersecurity platform helps stakeholders in the real estate industry permanently protect client data from attack, while maintaining efficiency and the tight deadlines involved with mortgage approvals.

Clients can use QD5’s secure encryption techniques to securely transmit regulated data, like PII, to other companies and remote workers without compromising security. QD5’s remote work configuration also allows lenders to embrace work-from-home policies and communicate securely with satellite offices.