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Qubit Quest Takes a Topological Turn

Google and Quantinuum bring a new, promising particle into the quantum computer road map Read the full article by Margo Anderson at IEEE Spectrum

Quantum Computing Is Nearing A Breakthrough That Will Change Everything

A quantum computing breakthrough by IBM cuts through sub-atomic noise to achieve the most powerful signal imaginable. Read the full article by Douglas Helm at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

IBM’s quantum leap: A 100,000-Qubit supercomputer on the horizon

IBM has unveiled its ambitious plan to construct a groundbreaking 100,000-qubit quantum computer within the next decade. Read the full article by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji Bello at Interesting Engineering

QD5 News Headlines

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An Emerging Quantum Threat: The QUANTUM DEFEN5E Approach

Cybersecurity experts and national leaders are preparing for Q-Day, the day when quantum computers will finally render conventional cyber protections obsolete, stripping away the protections that have until now made e-commerce possible.