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Who We Are

QUANTUM DEFEN5E (QD5) provides a cost-effective and scalable global unified cybersecurity platform that secures data from current attacks and protects against the cyber threats of the future. This helps enterprises of all sizes embrace emerging technologies like quantum computing with confidence, instead of hedging against unpredictable and uninsurable threats.

This unique approach enables organizations to permanently safeguard data and achieve information sovereignty by using secure encryption techniques once reserved for classified military use.

The QD5 platform enables perfect secrecy at the same cost as conventional cybersecurity protections. This approach can be scaled to accommodate enterprises, governments, and critical infrastructure organizations of all sizes and seamlessly deployed into existing information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems.

Only QD5 provides a secure encryption approach that provides true information sovereignty and protects institutions from a plethora of threats, today and into the quantum era.

The Emerging Quantum Threat

Governments and institutions are struggling to safeguard citizens and classified information from attack. Conventional defenses are overwhelmed, and institutions are scrambling to shield sensitive data and anticipate emerging threats like advanced artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Quantum computers are a technological marvel, and simultaneously the greatest digital threat of the 21st Century. Cybersecurity experts and national leaders are preparing for Q-Day, the day when quantum computers will finally render conventional cyber protections obsolete and strip away the protections that have until now made e-commerce possible.

In anticipation of this reality, nation-states and criminal groups are already using the Harvest Now Decrypt Later (HNDL) strategy to gather encrypted data today, to be decrypted once suitably powerful quantum computers become available. These attacks will expose the billions of records already harvested, and those that continue to be harvested, in anticipation of Q-Day.

The emergence of powerful quantum computers will also allow bad actors to decrypt sensitive information in real-time. This is a major tactical threat to organizations that depend on privacy and secrecy to protect their interests.

QD5 offers a secure encryption defense against these attacks.

Security for the Quantum Era

QD5’s unified cybersecurity platform protects against conventional attacks and emerging threats such as advanced AI and quantum computing. This scalable approach offers truly unbreakable encryption and eliminates cyber risk, helping organizations focus on their core mission and attain true information sovereignty.

This unbreakable approach is made possible by integrating our secure encryption technique into the platform. This technique has long been used by the diplomatic, military, and intelligence communities to transmit sensitive information.

By implementing our secure encryption technique at an enterprise scale, QD5 protects against HNDL, critical infrastructure attacks, and a plethora of other threats, today and into the quantum era.

Three Core Pillars

Unified Endpoint Management

Remote management, control, and device protection

Lost or stolen devices can be suspended or permanently wiped

Virtual desktop prevents data residue from being stored on local devices

Identity & Access Management

Device authentication and authorization

Enforce endpoint security policies

Grant or deny access

Secure Communications

Protect all communications; data-at-rest, in-use, and in-motion

Protect data from Harvest Now Decrypt Later attacks, today

Shield information from the real-time Q-Day attacks of tomorrow