The QD5 Approach


QUANTUM DEFEN5E (QD5) combines the proven One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption methodology with current cybersecurity protections such as Zero Trust implemented in accordance with secure-by-design principles. This innovative approach provides organizations with undisputed control over their data security and provides clients with true information sovereignty.

QD5 utilizes a secure encryption technique to counter the quantum threat and integrates the same type encryption used to offer Quantum Key Distribution’s (QKD) highest level of security. This approach provides organizations with a secure encryption technique that reduces cyber risk to an absolute minimum, without the costs, complexity, and delay in implementation associated with QKD.

QD5’s unified cybersecurity platform can be operated in a variety of configurations, giving organizations the freedom to manage data security policies according to individual business needs and remote work requirements.

Quantum-Ready Private Network (QPN)

The Quantum-Ready Private Network is the backbone of the QD5 approach. The QPN protects data in transit and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including industrial control systems, remote worker access, and enterprise interoffice networking arrangements.

Quantum Security Operations Center (QSOC)

The Quantum-Ready Security Operations Center (QSOC) supports the QPN by securing data and managing network policies across the entire organization. It can be seamlessly deployed into existing information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

Q Gateway

The Q Gateway is the device responsible for connecting Q Routers together with the Q Gateway. This device performs network encryption to allow traffic to flow from one Q Router to another. 

Q Router

The Q Router is the access that performs network encryption and decryption. It is also a hardened, managed device with policies and integrated security controls to prevent unauthorized connectivity.

QSOC Networking Illustration