Sectors We Serve

Reducing Cyber Risk

The QUANTUM DEFEN5E (QD5) unified cybersecurity platform helps organizations protect sensitive data and reduce cyber risk. The approach uses a secure encryption technique that permanently protects against cyber-threats, such as Man-in-the-Middle, Harvest Now Decrypt Later (HNDL), and real-time quantum attacks of the future.

QD5’s unique approach provides organizations with undisputed information sovereignty and is an entanglement-free answer to the emerging quantum threat. QD5’s unified cybersecurity platform can be configured to solve all organization’s data privacy requirements, including operations in the following sectors:


Classified government files are a primary target for state actors

Industrial Control

A preferred target for rogue nation-states and criminal groups alike

Financial Services

A vast amount of personally identifiable information data is processed daily

Mortgage & Real Estate

Corporate documents, financial records and PII make this sector particularly vulnerable

Remote Workers

Home office hardware provides an easy attack vector to target organizations


These networks are vulnerable to data harvesting through Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sensitive data is often shared via email, file sharing services and other insecure means