About QD5

Securing the world’s digital assets


Enable information sovereignty by protecting digital assets

QUANTUM DEFEN5E (QD5) understands the immense gravity of the quantum computing threat and implemented a secure encryption technique into its unified cybersecurity platform, protecting digital assets and enabling information sovereignty.

By shielding organizations from today’s cyber threats, as well as emerging threats represented by advanced AI and quantum computing, QD5 reduces cyber risks to the absolute minimum. This allows organizations to unleash creativity and pursue innovation with confidence.


Become the world’s most trusted company

“The QD5 mutually assured defense (MAD) posture levels the competitive playing field, enabling organizations to focus on their missions instead of hedging against unpredictable, uninsurable cyber threats.”


Secure and protect the world’s digital assets, now and in the quantum era

QD5 assembled a team of world-class experts to develop a cost-effective and scalable platform, which implements a truly secure encryption technique long used by diplomatic, military, and intelligence communities to transmit sensitive information.

This unique approach offers perfect secrecy and allows organizations to achieve information sovereignty at the same cost as conventional cybersecurity, while employing existing IT infrastructure.

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We act with uncompromising integrity in all relationships and pursuits

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