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Sector: Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies of all sizes regularly purchase, merge with, or sell parts of a company to large firms in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals. These transactions are complex and involve transmitting vast amounts of sensitive data to numerous parties. Recipients include those involved in the planning, valuation, and execution parts of the deal.

Stakeholders frequently transmit this sensitive data using insecure mediums like email, file sharing services, and other internet-based services that lack robust data privacy protections.

Additionally, M&A deals in regulated industries like healthcare, consumer finance, and mortgages require additional data privacy protections to remain in compliance with national laws. Organizations must also ensure that acquired companies comply with data privacy laws at the time of acquisition or risk becoming liable for past data stewardship failures.

By using QD5’s secure encryption technique for document transfers and communications, institutions involved in mergers and acquisitions can avoid public data breaches and pursue new ventures confident that their data is secure from bad actors. 

Additionally, the QD5 unified cybersecurity platform enables secure remote access to sensitive information no matter where stakeholders are located, simplifying the due diligence process and helping international teams collaborate without compromising data security.