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Industrial control systems (ICS) are a prime target for cyber-attacks. These critical systems are used in critical infrastructure sectors (CIS) like telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and other industries. They are a preferred target for rogue nation-states and criminal groups alike seeking to destabilize governments and inflict economic damage.

ICS are also especially vulnerable to cyber-attack because they rely on legacy hardware and operating systems that lack modern security protections. Furthermore, utilities and others in the ICS space often transmit sensitive usage data, power requests, and other communications to balance the grid wirelessly—a major vector for attack.

CIS organizations are not just uniquely vulnerable to attack either—the cost of a successful breach is remarkably high and can have far-reaching collateral damage as well. The average cost of a cyber-attack in CIS is 24.3% higher compared to breaches in other industries, with an average cost of $4.82 million compared to the global average of $3.83 million.

Industrial Control Systems Network DiagramQD5’s unified cybersecurity platform is the premier solution for ICS data security. By using encryption techniques once reserved for sensitive military use, QD5 enables ICS organizations to securely communicate with satellite facilities within their network by using QD5’s secure encryption technique.

This removes a major attack vector. ICS organizations can use the following configuration to securely communicate, transmit critical data, and manage digital access with satellite facilities.