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Sector: Governments

Classified government files are a primary target for state actors. Rogue nation-states and their proxies (terrorist and criminal organizations) are launching sophisticated cyber-attacks to gain access to critical systems and using emerging technologies, like advanced AI, to break encryption protecting stolen data.

Today, 10% of all global cyber-attacks are espionage related. Hackers are looking for classified military, research, political, and financial information to destabilize governments and inflict economic harm.

Quantum computing promises to make this landscape even more challenging. Nation-state rivals are currently collecting encrypted data today in what is known as a Harvest Now Decrypt Later (HNDL) attack, confident that advancements in quantum computing will soon allow them to access those encrypted files.

QD5’s unified cybersecurity platform protects against HNDL and other future threats today, as well as tactical real-time decryption attacks once suitably powerful quantum computers arrive. This entanglement-free platform provides the same secure encryption protection associated with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), without the cost, complexity, or delay in implementation.

The QD5 platform allows governments to attain perfect secrecy and sovereign control of their information by using existing information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems, without an increase in cost or complexity, by using the bump-in-the-wire approach.